Meet Howard

Life Realignment and Career Coach

Howard has been in leadership roles in advertising and marketing for over 35 years. He believes he has a 10-year attention span which accounts for his diverse background including everything from Construction and Advertising to RCA Recording Artist and Healthcare professional (with multiple stops along the way).

Howard believes that all solutions to living a great life and having a successful career are based on understanding people. Through his speaking and video series, he has been able to expound his philosophy of tapping into the inner energy of leadership in all of us. He draws from his knowledge and life-experience to educate and motivate those who desire to increase their potential by first understanding themselves and managing human emotions. Leadership is not the title you hold it is the person you are and the people that you influence.

As a motivational speaker, Howard conducts enlightening, informational and inspirational lectures tailored to his audience. Participants have noted that his presentations are humorous, memorable and hold lasting value. They walk away with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for their careers, their relationships and their lives.

His book, “Success & Lunacy, What’s the Connection?” (Release date: June 2015) suggests that most people have “lost their way” on the journey of life in today’s fast-paced world. This engaging book shows how conformity can make you invisible to a world that doesn’t seem to care.  It provides a path to realizing your true potential and living the life you were born to experience. It’s time to stop fitting in when you were born to stand out!